Cross Stitch Kits

All kits include fabric, threads, and needles to complete the kits.

Cross-stitching is a popular form of sewing. It utilizes counter-thread embroidery, meaning you use X-shaped stitches in a raster-like pattern to form a picture. The person stitching counts each thread on a piece of interweave fabric going in each direction. This allows them to maintain each stitch’s uniform appearance and size.

Our cross-stitch kits are all-inclusive. That means they contain:

  • Complete, easy-to-understand instructions
  • A pattern
  • Needle
  • Floss
  • Fabric

Our textile heritage cross-stitch kits are the perfect activity when you’re at home unwinding after a long day of work. Many customers cross-stitch to help them relax; our kits are affordably priced and working on your cross-stitching is a fun alternative to watching TV shows or playing games on your phone. They improve your hand-eye coordination, and when you're done, you’ll have a finished pattern that is suitable to give someone as a gift. They will appreciate the fact that you made it by hand.

Find the Right Cross-Stitching Kit Today!

Our kits contain everything you need to get started on this delightful activity, regardless of your skill level. You can find simpler ones if you’re an embroidery novice, or you can purchase more complex ones if you need a challenge. We have options for all styles, including Scotties and Westies for dog lovers, stained glass options, shamrock kits, Celtic knot and butterfly options. When you finish with one of our kits, you will end up with an attractive bookmark, pincushion, or some other item you can treasure from that point forward.

For more information about our cross-stitching kids, contact our boutique today.