July 12, 2021

It's Berry Season!

Strawberries from my garden

Is everyone enjoying the summer?  I hope you fared well during the heat wave we experienced recently.  Poor little Lil got heat stroke.  It was 40 degrees celsius in our house on June 28th!

I am loving the strawberries this year.  I always grow a few in my garden, but there are never enough, so I frequent Galey Farms here on the Peninsula.  I can't get enough of them.  I enjoy them on my granola, in a smoothie, as a topper on pancakes, shortcake with cream, or my favorite: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.
I just started working on a new Strawberry embroidery kit.  This year some of my strawberries had pink flowers, so I'll depict them in the kit,  It is a small 4" design that would be perfect for a card, a needlecase, or to hang on the wall in the kitchen.  The kit will be available for purchase soon.
Strawberry design in progress
Beautiful Lilies in my garden

Anemones Cross Stitch Kits.  Choose from a bookmark, a needlecase or a scissor Keep.  See them on the Textile Heritage Page here: Cross Stitch Kits tagged "bookmark" - Button and Needlework Boutique (buttonedup.com)


Medieval Garden Cross Stitch Kits.  Choose from a bookmark, a needlecase or a scissor Keep.  See them on the Textile Heritage Page here: Cross Stitch Kits tagged "bookmark kit" - Button and Needlework Boutique (buttonedup.com)


Tamar Embroidery Kits

Garden Lady and Urban Jungle.  A garden outside and inside! Finished sizes are 6.25". See them here: Tamar Embroidery Kits - Button and Needlework Boutique (buttonedup.com)

 Summer Paisley

Summer Paisley by Raymond Honeyman

This needlepoint design includes a printed, 100% cotton canvas, 100% pure new wool, needle, and an easy to follow guide.  Design size is 18" x 18", 12 mesh canvas.  See the Ehrman Tapestry kits here: Needlepoint Kits - Button and Needlework Boutique (buttonedup.com)


Enjoy the sun everyone!  Here is Lily keeping to the shade in our yard.

May 01, 2021

Spring is here!

Happy Spring everyone!  The city has come to life with daffodil, tulip, cherry tree and magnolia blossoms everywhere.  It is a welcome sight after what seemed to be a long winter.  I hope you and your family are keeping well.  Make sure you get out in nature; it is a great place to get grounded and reflect on what has been a challenging year of Covid.  Don't forget about self-care and take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for and what brings you joy.

This book has socks for everyone.  Patterns includes all foot sizes for both men and women.  The dynamic duo Dendennis and Mr. Knitbear give us a creative twist on 23 socks that are fun, colorful, humorous, and unique.

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Stitched with Lang Jawoll Sock yarn, $9.95 and $10.95/50gm 
Back to Nature Socks from Happily Knitting Socks


First Blooms by Crazy for Crewel

5" x 6" Complete Kit $32.95



November 24, 2020


Welcome to Button and Needlework Boutique, I'm glad you found us!

Autumn 2020

As my garden comes to an end I'm ready to embrace Fall and the cooler weather.  Cleaning out the garden is always bittersweet.  I hang on to the last blossom, the last leaf, right to the bitter end.

This pandemic has been a challenge but we will get back to dinners out with friends, family gatherings, social outings, and in-person classes.
Try to embrace this time to re-group, re-evaluate, and reclaim those things you have always wanted to do but never found the time; those things you continually put off.

Do the activities that give your strength, take your mind off the everyday challenges this pandemic presents, and commit to some self care.  It is important, especially now.  You could:

-Take a virtual yoga or art class

-Clear your mind by taking a long walk in nature

-Try some knitting or stitching "meditation"

-Clear some clutter from your home

-bake something delicious that reminds you of your childhood

Be positive and empowered.  Be truly present everyday.  You'd be amazed at all the beauty that surrounds you.