May 2019

Spring has Sprung!

Happy spring everyone.  At this time of year I love to take note of everything outdoors that is changing.  The leaves are coming out on the trees, the spring bulbs are popping up everywhere, the flowering shrubs and fruit trees are budding.  The birds are very vocal as they mark their territories, and the goldfinches have made their appearance again.

Spring is such a hopeful season, with new growth in nature and new personal beginnings.  What projects will you be working on this season?  Here are a few new products to inspire you:


If you loved Concentric Baby Alpaca, you are going to love Concentric Cotton.  This is a heavy fingering/sport weight made of 100% pima cotton.  Perfect for drapey shawls and garments with a whopping 929 yards/850m

Hikoo Concentric Cotton
100% Pima Cotton, 21sts, 929yd (850m), 200g

Top left to right: 2003, 2001, 2005
Bottom left to right: 2006, 2002, 2004


Lang Jawoll Twin Superwash sock yarn
Perfect for top down or toe-up socks, shawls, and accessories.

80% Superwash Wool, 20% Nylon
30sts, 210m, 50g

Bellflower 0509

Lava rock 0503 

Ocean Floor


River Bed
Rocky Mountain 0505 Rose Garden 0510
Tre Tops

Lang Supersoxx
Cotton Stretch 4Ply
A high quality cotton blend sock yarn.

Coral 0027

Turtle 0025

Firefish 0026

Starfish 0029

Blowfish 0030

Wave 0028

45% Superwash Wool, 15% Cotton, 13% Polyamide,
7% Polyester  30sts, 100gms, 440m


The Spring Bird by Jeannette Douglas Designs

Stitched on linen using Gloriana and NIS Silk threads.

Design size: 63 x 63sts (3.9" x 3.9" on 32ct)
Chart and specialty thread pack with beads

These embroidery kits are so cute!  Kits include printed fabric, needle, threads and instructions.  Frame them or hang them in the embroidery hoop.

Love Birds
6" $23.95

Urban Jungle
6"  $23.95

Garden Lady
6"  $23.95

Freestyle Embroidered Mandalas by Hazel Blomkamp

From simple, monochromatic line designs to colourful and flamboyant bead-and-thread combinations, the 27 embroidered mandalas will inspire and delight every stitcher from beginner to advanced.  $29.95

Enjoy the Spring!

Lily enjoying some sun on the deck

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