Lamps and Magnifiers


Daylight Lamps

Daylight full spectrum technology reduces eye strain and gives you the best in color matching.
Daylight bulbs and tubes use 80% less energy and last 10 times longer than regular bulbs.  All lamps come with 18W energy saving bulb.

Tabletop Lamp U23020

This lamp has a solid base and is perfect for any flat surface.  Magnifier is removeable.  Easily positioned to where you need it, including over a sewing machine.
17.5" high
1.75x magnification


Compact Lamp U33050 

Lightweight and compact, this lamp folds down making it completely portable.  We use these lamps in our classroom.

10" high
13w energy saving tube


Uplight U36010

This lamp lights your way from the bottom when working on dark colored fabrics, making them easier to stitch.
11.5" wide, 15.5" long
8w Daylight tube (not replaceable)
Removeable cushion included.


Daylight Magnifiers


Flexilens on Base U90946 

Arm length 18"
Lens diameter 5"
1.75x magnification


Flexilens on Mini Base U91091

Arm length 7"
Lens diameter 3.5"
2.25x magnification
Insert lens 1" and 4x magnification


Flexilens on Mini-Clip U91101

Slim and powerful, this magnifier clips onto small frames or work surfaces.  The 9cm diameter lens has a 2cm higher magnification insert lens.
Arm length 7", 2.25x magnification.
Insert lens 4x magnification
Also available with a longer arm ($44.95)


Floor Lamp U23030

This lamp has a weighted base with wheels, allowing it to be used at a table or while sitting on a sofa or in a chair.  Magnifier is removeable.




A lightweight magnifier that is perfect for needlework, beading, or any fine craft.  Optical quality acrylic lenses and cushioned headband fits all head sizes.


A great magnifier that moves with your head.  It is always there when you need it.  Comes with visor and 2 lenses:
1.6 x and 2.0 x magnification.
2.25x and 2.75x lenses are available seperately for $18ea.

Extremely lightweight, comfortable, and portable.