• Shawl Pins and Closures

We have some beautiful shawl pins and a few new styles have arrived in the shop:

Coil Shawl Pin

Naga Closure
This is an interesting design that weaves in and out of your knitted garment.

Twig Lace Shawl Pin

Twig Shawl Stick

Wild Grape Tendril Shawl Pin and Shawl Stick

String of Siver Beads Shawl Pin

Spiral Fermoir Pins

Thease beautiful leather "button" fasteners work wonderfully with knitted garments.  No need for button holes:

Leather Latch Closures that fasten on each side are available in Black or Chocolate.

These "stud" buttons are available in three sizes and three colors.  They are perfect for cowls like this one:

Paloma Cowl
by Little Victoria Designs